Perfumed Diffuser [1220 Orchid]

Perfumed Diffuser [1220 Orchid]

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Flowery floral-scented diffuser that embodies the aroma of pure orchid that blooms in winter snow.

1. Orchid, the flower with the elegance of midwinter
December 20, in the windy, cold winter, orchids fill Jeju with their sweet fragrance even in the bitter cold. A more elegant and innocent poise in harmony with the sounds of clear water in the winter valley

* Flowery floral fragrance:A sophisticated and alluring fragrance that brings a classy mood with an elegant sensation

2. Fill up your space with scents from Jeju
Inspired by sentimental travel throughout Jeju Island, this diffuser comes in varieties and can fill your personal space with a variety of natural aromas of Jeju. A beautiful scent of Jeju can breathe new life into your daily routine.

3. Rich, sensuous scent of orchid that fills Donnaeko valley, Jeju in December
Ecomark certified flowery floral diffuser with pure scent of orchid that blooms amidst the cold winter.
* Made with bioethanol produced from fermenting starch in golden syrup.

Remove the cap, and put the wood sticks in the bottle to use. (Adjust the number of wood sticks to control the intensity of fragrance. The intensity of fragrance varies depending on the size of room, environment and temperature)
1. Do not use for any other purposes.
2. Keep out of reach of children
3. Avoid direct sunlight or heat.
4. Do not spray on people or food.
5. If frozen, the product may be spoiled. Use only at room temperature.
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