[Online Exclusive] Blueberry Rebalancing Cream 50ml

[Online Exclusive] Blueberry Rebalancing Cream 50ml

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1. Restores a healthy pH level and oil-water balance

Helps your skincare routine finish with a relaxing and dewy skin at the final step by building a skin comforting pH level and oil-water balance.

2. Long lasting skin comfort with a healthy moisturizing barrier

Forms a refreshing and healthy moisturizing barrier on the surface of the skin to protect skin moisture for a long time.

3. Soft and moist with a clean finish for all seasons

The formula penetrates the skin quickly and effortlessly with rich moisture then leaves a clean finish. Great for any skin type and season as a daily moisture cream.

[How to use]

After using toner or lotion, take an appropriate amount and apply all over face and neck


(1) Immediately stop using in case of skin abnormalities after use.

(2) Always recap after use.

(3) Use as quickly as possible after opening.