Squeeze Energy Mask 22ml x 12pcs [Kombucha]

Squeeze Energy Mask 22ml x 12pcs [Kombucha]

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Daily low-irritation mask filled with the freshness of ingredients to provide a tailored solution for various skin problems.


1) Cold brew squeeze process to gain more! Nutrient UP

A cold brew squeeze process slowly extracts the ingredients at a low temperature of 4℃ to capture the nutrients and freshness that will eventually be delivered to the skin.


2) Gentle vegan-friendly sheet! Skin adhesion UP

Biodegradable fibers produced via a sustainable manufacturing process gently adhere to the skin with a transparent appearance to convey the benefits of the essence to the skin. (*Limited to sheet properties.)


3) Daily low-irritation mask to address your skin problem of the day! Skin condition UP

The lineup featuring a refreshing Refreshing Water Type (Rose, Centella, Kombucha), Moist Essence Type (Aloe, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Heartleaf) and Rich Cream Type (Manuka Honey, Acai Berry, Yuzu) offers a wide range of options to address different skin conditions. The moist essence and the mild sheet make for a great “one day, one pack” routine.


*The packaging of the product includes the image of the ingredient and the formula to provide convenience in finding the needed solution.


[How to use]

1) After cleansing, use toner to refine skin texture.

2) Unfold and place the mask on the face, avoiding eye and lip area.

3) Leave on for 10-20 minutes.

4) Discard the mask and gently pat for further absorption.



(1) For external use only.

(2) Avoid direct contact with eyes.

(3) If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water.

(4) Discontinue use and consult a doctor if irritation occurs.

(5) Keep out of reach of children.

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