Green Tea Pure Body Lotion 300ml

Green Tea Pure Body Lotion 300ml

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This body lotion, enriched with Jeju green tea extract, provides hydration to skin for a softer feel.

1. Rich hydration from pesticide-free Jeju green tea
Body lotion with green tea grown pesticide-free in Jeju, which retains moisture for a long time.

2. Body lotion to reveal skin as supple as a tender green tea leaf
The moisture-filled formula quickly seeps in to moisturise the skin.

3. Environmental-friendly container that is easier to recycle
Using a single material* makes recycling easier than the previous container
*Bottle: PE, cap: PP

[Directions] After taking a shower, pump 3~4 times and apply onto the towel-dried body. Gently massage and pat for better absorption.


(1) Immediately stop using in case of skin abnormalities after use.

(2) Always recap after use.

(3) Use as quickly as possible after opening.