Green Tea Pure Body Cleanser 300ml

Green Tea Pure Body Cleanser 300ml

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Enriched with Jeju green tea extract to softly cleanse the body with refined and foamy lather for clean and clear skin while providing moisture

1. Lathers to form rich, thick bubbles
Rich, thick bubbles cleanse away dirt from the skin and keep it clean and well-moisturized.

2. Biodegradable formula
This product is formulated using biodegradable formulation technology.

3. Moisturizing anti-oxidation effect of chemical-free Jeju green tea extract
Extract of green tea grown in the healthy and clean soil of Jeju Island keeps the skin clean, clear and well-moisturized.

[Directions] Apply an appropriate amount onto bath sponge or bath towel and work into lather. Massage over entire body and thoroughly rinse off with water afterwards.


(1) Immediately stop using in case of skin abnormalities after use.

(2) Always recap after use.

(3) Use as quickly as possible after opening.