Bija Trouble Focusing Patch 1EA / 9Patches

Bija Trouble Focusing Patch 1EA / 9Patches

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An intensive-care spot patch with micro essence chips containing torreya seed oil to work directly on problem areas.

1. Relieving skin problems with bija oil and salicylic acid
Skin protection from bija oil with the added exfoliating effect of salicylic acid.
Hyaluronic acid: Hydration / Madecassoside: Scar and pigmentation relief

2. Skin care by Micro Essence Chip*
A micro chip containing an essence that helps relieve skin problems and provides intensive, targeted care.
*Micro projections of dried essence containing bija oil and salicylic acid, in the form of a chip.
The chip, comprised of active ingredients, dissolves as it touches the skin, working directly to resolve skin concerns

3. Easy-to use chip
A greater adhesion to the skin with a thinner colloid layer. A cut line added to the film to help the patch be peeled off effortlessly.

Remove the patch when skin dries and place it on problem areas. Gently press using fingers for 10 seconds and keep it on for 8-12 hours. Keep the patch¡¯s micro chips (micro projections) away from water.

* Be careful not to get water on the microchip(fine protrusion) of the patch.

1) In case of skin abnormalities such as getting red spots, swelling, or itchiness when using or after using the product, consult with a doctor.
2) Do not use on damaged or broken skin.
3) Handling and storage precautions
a. Keep out of reach of children.
b. Keep away from direct sunlight
4) Do not use on children under age 3.
5) Stop using in case of skin abnormalities.
6) Be cautious if you are irritative to bandage.
7) Do not touch the microchip directly as it may become contaminated.
8) After use, keep the remaining patch sealed in the included b