Bija Cica Skin 200ml

Bija Cica Skin 200ml

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This daily cica toner is formulated with bija seed oil and centella asiatica 4X which is suitable for oily, parched skin

1. High purity Centella Asiatica 4X and Bija oil for healthy skin
Centella Asiatica 4X, the key ingredient, is a high purity powder with concentrated centella, which helps takes care of damaged skin and brings a remarkable effect that is beyond compare. It also contains Bija oil which has outstanding skin protection power.

2. Relieves skin problems induced by inner dryness
With glycerin, squalene and panthenol, the formula balances oil and moisture levels in and outside the skin to reduce skin irritations caused by inner-skin dryness.

3. A safe cica toner for acne-prone skin
The formula has been noncomedogenic tested and it does not induce or aggravate acne-prone skin.

[Directions] Apply an appropriate amount on your face after cleansing, gently pat to let skin absorb the toner. If you feel like your skin is still parched, apply a few more times for better moisturizing effect.

(1) Immediately stop using in case of skin abnormalities after use.
(2) Always recap after use.
(3) Use as quickly as possible after opening.