My Hair Recipe Repairing Conditioner [for Damaged Hair] 200ml

My Hair Recipe Repairing Conditioner [for Damaged Hair] 200ml

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Made with a rich nourishing recipe to deliver nourishment to damaged hair for a softer feel.

1. Contains natural protein from undiluted Jeju soybean juice and oil
The natural protein gives radiance and elasticity to the hair.

2. Firmly-embracing texture
The formula firmly embraces and then deeply moisturises each and every strand of hair to make it sleek.

3. Intensive nourishing care for rough hair
An oil complex of argan, jojoba and macadamia delivers intense nourishment to rough and lackluster hair.

[Directions] Dry your hair with a towel after shampooing and apply an appropriate amount on the hair, especially on the ends and taking care to avoid scalp. Wait 3~5 minutes to help the oil get absorbed into the hair before rinsing thoroughly with water.

(1) Immediately stop using in case of skin abnormalities after use.
(2) Always recap after use.
(3) Use as quickly as possible after opening.