Perfumed Diffuser [0831 Cotton Blossom] 100ml

Perfumed Diffuser [0831 Cotton Blossom] 100ml

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Powdery fragrance diffuser filled with the scent of clean and cozy linen at a Jeju lodge

1. Inducing a sense of coziness of a lodge after a day trip around Jeju, Cotton Blossom
August 31, An afternoon exhausted by the hot sun in Jeju, the clean and soft linen that waited for me at the lodge. The cozy and comforting scent of cotton that relieves travelers after a long day.

2. The story of 15 fragrances bearing the emotions from a trip to Jeju
Fill your space with the colourful scents of Jeju, with a diffuser that embraces the sentiments from a trip to the island. A beautiful scent of Jeju can breathe new life into your daily routine.

3. Dried flower edition
Naturally dried flowers in glass jars complete a space making it even more beautiful.

Remove the cap, and put the wood sticks in the bottle to use. (Adjust the number of wood sticks to control the intensity of fragrance. The intensity of fragrance varies depending on the size of room, environment and temperature)
1. Do not use for any other purposes.
2. Keep out of reach of children
3. Avoid direct sunlight or heat.
4. Do not spray on people or food.
5. If frozen, the product may be spoiled. Use only at room temperature.
6. If the product enters the eyes or touches the skin, wash off with clean water. If abnormal symptoms appear, consult a doctor.
7. Beware not to leave the product lying, or the fluid may flow out.
8. Get enough ventilation when using the product.
9. When using in areas vulnerable to discoloration or bleaching, check in advance on an unnoticeable spot before use.
10. Store in the original container. The residual quantity may be misused.
11. Be careful of damaging the product due to falling or careless handling.
12. Contents may be discolored or bleached due to temperature or humidity differences.
13. Dried flower is a natural material, so it may discolored, decolored, or bleached.